What is the CSLC (Canadian Student Leadership Conference)

The Canadian Student Leadership Conference (CSLC) is Canada’s longest running national conference for secondary school students across Canada. The conference is open only to Canadian Student Leadership Association (CSLA) member schools. Membership fees are $90 per annul with the year running from 1 July to 30 June.

The conference hosts seven hundred and fifty delegate students and two hundred and fifty committed educators. The conference offers student leaders a valuable opportunity to further develop their leadership skills and tool kit.

The students who attend are committed to improving their schools and communities through active involvement. The majority of students at the conference are preparing to pursue post-secondary education. By creating a strong community of high school students, inspired by their experience in student leadership, these students are our potential future decision makers.

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The Best Class Christmas Gifts Ideas This Yearxmas-gift

Whether you Like it or not, omnipresent Christmas gift shopping is ever looming. When the pumpkin craze of Halloween finally subdues, the first harbingers of X-Mas are hot on the heels. A strand of fairy lights glistens here and there, TV commercials start sneaking in season special offers, and you can swear you just heard bells jingling in the distance… By the time Michael Bublé has emerged from his cave, there’s no going back. When everything is decorated and Christmas songs are holding every PA system hostage, it’s official – the most wonderful time of the year is here – take it or leave it. Queue Christmas gift shopping frenzy.

Of course, you will have Mom and Dad first checked off the X-mas gift first, then you will surely buy Xmas gifts for her and him – your better halves who tell you you look fine even on your worst bad hair days deserve the best after all. Buying presents for your closest friends and relatives is something you might actually enjoy. However, a Secret Santa at school can be quite the conundrum. Class Christmas gifts ideas don’t come naturally to everyone, especially if you’re a wallflower trying to stay under the radar for the better part of the year.

How do you choose a gift for someone you hardly know while balancing your student budget and their preferences? Well, luckily, you might not even have to go shopping. With so many school Christmas craft ideas online, all it will take is some research and a little bit of your time to make a simple and sweet gift that everyone will love. It’s personal and unique, it says “you” and it’s a touching way of showing someone you appreciate them, having taken the time to make them a tailored present. Besides, if you decide to craft gifts together as a fun extra-curricular activity, you might actually get to know each other better, so that you will actually know what to get your classmates next year for Christmas.

5 Best Jewelry Design Schools in the world

Master jewelry designers have invested time and money to gain the skills and the necessary knowledge to create their work. Some technological advances have made jewelry making more efficient, but not all. Jewelry design work can still be a labor-intensive process that requires much study to achieve excellent handiwork.

Studying jewelry design abroad gives you an opportunity to broaden your skills, meet other designers from different backgrounds and help you create different styles of work and/or different perspectives on your current work. There are many esteemed schools in the world where you can study jewelry design with the masters of the trade as part of a degree or a short course. Here are the five best jewelry design schools for you to consider:

Istituto Lorenzo De Medici – The LdM School of Design, Florence, Italy


The LdM School of Design is popular with overseas students who wish to learn more about jewelry design from this world-class institution. Students are taught a range of jewelry making procedures by experienced designers to become skilled in shaping materials before cleaning and setting valuable and semi-valuable stones into completed items.Students at LdM learn every step in the jewelry-making process and are supported to create innovative and beautiful jewely using a range of materials from design right through to the finished product.

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How To Develop Leadership Skills In School/University


To develop practical leadership skills in school and university gives students the ability to lead or guide other individuals, teams or entire organisations. All students can be encouraged to develop the characteristics of a leader from a very young age with the help of teachers, advisers and peers. This will help them with life at home, in their community, at school and will help them find work.

Helping raise awareness with students of what it takes to be a leader, can begin building habits that lead to increased effectiveness. Students will then have the confidence to become involved in school life and in all the extracurricular activities, giving them a head-start in the workplace.

To develop leadership skills, here are ten characteristics students can develop to become a good leader.

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Top 5 Craft Schools in the World

Craft schools offer courses for professional enrichment in specialised crafts through residences and community collaboration. There are many colleges and universities offer handmade craft classes through their art departments leading to diplomas, degrees and masters. Non-credit classes for personal enrichment are also offered by a wide variety of organizations, including colleges, non-profit arts organizations and community centers around the world.

Whilst this is not an easy task, here is our pick of the top 5 handmade craft schools in the world:

1.The New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (NBCCD), Canada


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